Thursday, 22 October 2009

Golden Stars

My scanner is shitee so these look really grainy, got a colour and black and white film from this shoot to develop. Got this leotard from Beyond Retro i love it its blue with golden stars and a little flap that makes it look like a dress its so cute,
This is for my A2 project and im looking at innocence and vulnerability hence the not many clothes and weird poses

Thursday, 15 October 2009

More from Garden shoot

Took these on a new camera which is a compact slr (its tiny) which means you have to do the focus by meters rather than using a focus ring so i was abit scared these wouldnt come out but they looked better than i thought, my colour film buggered up because my slr is reallllllllllllly annoying
Top image: Film went funny at top of the image and tried to burn it in but it jogged will try do this again next lesson

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Garden shoot

Was actually going to do this shoot at devils dyke where i have done a shoot before but the weather was shite so ended up doing it in Grace's garden im going to get the colour film developed later but for now heres the polaroids

The bottem one came out to dark but i still like it, my scanner really ruins the quality these look better in real life

Pissed POlaroids

A Pre-Shameless pissed up "photoshoot" alooooooottt of fun