Sunday, 30 May 2010

Wednesday Night

Had some of the girls round before going to digital for a cheap night out, it doesn't take much for these ladies to get overexcited by a good song but add a dash (or a substantial amount) of alcohol and the dance moves that only the private-ness of your bedroom get to see get their public debut and trust me there were some corkers. The most impressive being Jodie's splits, coming from a short and sometimes shy girl a lot of cameras were flashing.

The sun is shining

school photos

You can't tell from this photo but georgia had serious burn lines!
Needless to say tiny bit of sunshine in Britain and we all get half naked but my god was it a scorcher of a weekend, enjoying the bars on the beaches, sitting by the sea and "getting a tan"

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Burfday beatings

It's always around May time I start to get excited about my birthday, I think its because my brothers birthday is in May which reminds me about what to expect in 4 months time.

(5th birthday)

This year I will be 19 on the 19Th, I still find it hard to believe that I'm 18 let alone getting older. I guess I've never felt myself getting older physically as you never see yourself through the eyes of others, and I when I think about when I was a young adolescent looking at my sister and her friends at 18 I thought they looked so old but to think of myself as looking that old just spins me out.

(18th birthday)

I feel extra excited for this birthday (I've already made plans which consists of making my birthday last 3 days) maybe its the fact that i will be the age of the date, or the fact that my sister told me 19 was her best year (who also coincidentally has the same birthday as me). But I feel that somehow my birthday has already started I've finally finished sixth form college which feels like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders as i hated it pretty much all the time I was there. I feel relaxed at once and am looking forward to 4 months coursework free and not missing the 8.02 bus most mornings. I'm going to actually read books rather than analyse them, make clothes rather than distress pieces of fabric, I plan to keep doing shoots i have an idea I'm eager to start, cycle about town and enjoy my hangovers by laying in bed all day rather than getting up at 7 to go to textiles!!! Thank you college for giving me the best birthday present i could ask for.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Jeepers creepers

where d'ya get those peepers

My boy on My bike

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Bestival costume

After much deliberation and consideration of how possible it is to look like a unicorn without looking like i got a dick on my head i've decided my costume for Bestival 2010. I'm gonna go red hiding rood Roald Dahl styley and nooo fucking way slutty. This years theme is "Fantasy" and i plan to go the whole nine yards. Going to make a red cape, make/buy a red dress and get a big frilly white underskirt and for the finshing touch big red cheeks and a small pistol.
"The small girl smiles. One eyelid flickers. She whips a pistol from her knickers."
Tim Walkers red riding hood love the hair and cape and that sparking gun


These were taken back in March on Megans 18th where we started the night in Iguanas for Cherry Fizz pitchers and a bit too much food before White Rabbit and Stone Love. This was the highlight of the night for most of us. These colourfully (hardly) dressed samba dancers shaking their tail feathers, weaving in and out of impressed and blushing diners. The second time these girls came out we were offered a bash on the tambourine and Jess jumped at the chance to join in, lots of fun.

Coincidently these girls were part of the group that got through Britains got Talent and these guys have lots of it so good luck to them.


Megans first one on her 18th

Make your Birthday wish

Wednesday, 5 May 2010




Megan and Jodie's Night out




Tuesday, 4 May 2010

disposable cameras