Saturday, 29 May 2010

Burfday beatings

It's always around May time I start to get excited about my birthday, I think its because my brothers birthday is in May which reminds me about what to expect in 4 months time.

(5th birthday)

This year I will be 19 on the 19Th, I still find it hard to believe that I'm 18 let alone getting older. I guess I've never felt myself getting older physically as you never see yourself through the eyes of others, and I when I think about when I was a young adolescent looking at my sister and her friends at 18 I thought they looked so old but to think of myself as looking that old just spins me out.

(18th birthday)

I feel extra excited for this birthday (I've already made plans which consists of making my birthday last 3 days) maybe its the fact that i will be the age of the date, or the fact that my sister told me 19 was her best year (who also coincidentally has the same birthday as me). But I feel that somehow my birthday has already started I've finally finished sixth form college which feels like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders as i hated it pretty much all the time I was there. I feel relaxed at once and am looking forward to 4 months coursework free and not missing the 8.02 bus most mornings. I'm going to actually read books rather than analyse them, make clothes rather than distress pieces of fabric, I plan to keep doing shoots i have an idea I'm eager to start, cycle about town and enjoy my hangovers by laying in bed all day rather than getting up at 7 to go to textiles!!! Thank you college for giving me the best birthday present i could ask for.

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